Supplying the World’s Most Qualified and Experienced Mariners

KI is fast becoming one of the marine industry’s most trusted suppliers of labour, trades and technical and professional staff for above and below deck asset protection and managed labour provisioning services. With a powerful network of skilled mariners, and a commitment to best-value practices, KI is renowned for its rapid response teams and ability to deliver when and where others can’t. KI’s marine division specialises in providing specialist manpower to support marine assets during all phases of construction, maintenance and operation at location.

With a deep knowledge of the marine industry and a proven record of successfully facilitating the most complex marine workforce needs, KI supports all manner of upstream operations with fully trained mariners and seafarers, fulfilling short and long-term workforce strategies. KI’s recruitment and placement procedures involve a rigid assessment process ensuring frontline staffs are best equipped to support shallow and deep water projects. KI’s marine professionals complement our trade workforce and deliver a wealth of consultancy expertise with personnel capable and confident in making fast and accurate decisions to ensure quality outcomes.